Pose #1 Sprites Done!

I said I would work on programming, and two weeks later, I still haven’t touched it. >v>;;; I also underestimated how long it would take to finish the first sprites, but I finally did it!!


I’ll be fixing these up every once in a while, but these’ll be the final sprites and designs for the game.

For those following my Twitch.tv channel, I’ll be working on writing this week! Maybe I’ll even try to eke out some Python (jk, probably not ^q^;;; ). Anyway, if you want to see spoilers or if you just want to listen to anime/Japanese music for a few hours, come visit! I’ll try to stream everyday this week from 3PM – 6PM PST. I won’t be able to speak to people, but everyone else is super nice in the chat!

I’ll also do my best to keep the biggest spoilers a secret, but accidents happen. So if you don’t want to see spoilers (or if you don’t want to wait for me to type out a single sentence every 30 minutes), you might want to avoid this week! x)

In any case, I want to thank everyone for the support again. I’m incredibly humbled by everyone’s kindness and interest. I know I don’t always reply to comments in a timely manner, but I do read them, and I am extremely, extremely touched, as well as grateful, that you’ve taken the time to comment.

Thanks again, everyone!

8 thoughts on “Pose #1 Sprites Done!

  1. Wow, they all look wonderful. I absolutely adore your new artstyle, looks like a very nice mix between galge and otome styles.
    I wish you a peaceful week, free of writer’s block, and thank YOU for not abandoning the game. I got very invested in story and characters haha…>_>

  2. U can do this,ı believe in you!We ALL believe in you!I just can’t wait ’til game finished,so exciting ~

    Note:Please hurry up,ı need to see alisakir *3*

  3. Ah, I can’t wait to see all of them in action! The sprites are so cool and beautiful! Keep up the good work!

    Really can’t wait until it’s done!

    Many friendly greetz for me

    • Deathcharge! Hehehe, thanks so much! I replaced all my sprites in the game with this, and they look really nice so far. I feel like some of the characters’ personalities changed with the updated drawings, though. OvO; It’s really weird!

      Thanks so much!! I’m super, super pumped about working on this! x)

      • Azareal! Hehehe, your welcome! I don’t really mind if there personalities have changed, but it might be weird!

        Still they look so good to me! I really like them!

        Your welcome! I’m glad to hear you are pumped to work on this! Keep up the good work!

        Friendly greetz from me

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