Bad News & 4koma: Expectations

This week has not been kind! My script got corrupted twice. The first time, I managed to restore it using a backup that was 2 months old, thereby erasing all the work I’ve been making the past 2 months. The second time… I guess the backup was corrupt because my script got corrupt AND the backup got corrupt. Half of Ali’sakir’s events are now hieroglyphics (which ironically suits him). I have no idea if any more events got eaten or of the total number of events I’ve lost.

I’m not really discouraged, since I haven’t been keeping track of how much I’ve written the last few months. All I know for sure is that I have a lot of work to do again, haha!

Anyway, have a 4koma!


MoD Update! & 4koma: Army Perverts

Ā & FshospritesWorking on the final sprites since I’m having a hard time completing the writing for Part I. Sho is completely done, so hooray for that! I’ll try to take screenshots of the game with the characters I’ve finished, but if I don’t bother, I’ll just post pictures of the sprites themselves.

In other news, I’ve decided I’ve put off the Battle System long enough. I’m actively working on it now. My brother’s helped out with some of the code, so I’m not completely alone in figuring this stuff out. I’ll post screenshots of the prototype soon so people can have an idea of what’s in store! šŸ˜€

I also have a comic!4koma6

Aaaaaand the extra.4koma6_extra

The worst one of them all.
It’s tough being a lover of women (or men).

Probably not canon, but if these three knew they’d get away with it, they’d probably do it without hesitation.

To Do List 4


I have 51 rough CGs done and another 40+ left to go. I don’t think I’m going to make it by March at this rate. ^q^Ā I think I needĀ to apply myself more. I need smaller, stricter deadlines! 10 rough CGs every three days! 2 finished sprites every day! Finish a main character’s rough spriteĀ setĀ (6+ poses) every day! Go go go! Draw until yourĀ hand aches!!

On a random note, I drew a comic…