NaNoWriMo 2015 & Writing updates

S-So I was completely unable to write 4,000 words a day, but that’s not a surprise. That’s like 5 scenes everyday for VNs that mainly consist of dialogue. But it’s NaNoWriMo now, so I’ll at least attempt to write 50,000 words this month, too, just because I should.

For Magicians of Delphine, I think it’s important to mention that I’m changing the writing style. The writing so far has been mostly immediate and very dialogue heavy, but I’m going to slow down the writing just a little by breaking up the dialogue with a few sturdy lines of prose. Hopefully this will be okay.

Here’s a romantic scene for Tiberus. If anyone’s got any critique, I’m totally open to it. Is the pacing okay? Does the scene linger too long? Am I abusing descriptions? Did it give people dokis (or has the potential to give you dokis) or did you feel nothing?

I figure with that last strike, it’d be the end of his forehead flicking shenanigans, but to my surprise, the general leans in.

I see for a moment the lashes of his eyes nearly brushing against his cheek, the strong cut of his jaw, the coil of his ear. A faint scent fills my nostrils, something like cinnamon and cedar wood, as the general draws close, not to hold me, but to speak in my ear.

In the instance before his face finds its way to my side, I catch his eye and note with a strange exhilaration that he was leering.

Tiberus “Perhaps a harsher punishment is in order.”

His voice is gentle, almost a whisper. His warm breath tickles my ear, and my face grows hot. I can’t help but recoil, my hand jumping up to my ears, my heart throbbing in my chest.

That… That was a threat just now, wasn’t it? But if that’s the case, why didn’t it sound like a threat?

The low lull of his voice, the mysterious look in his eyes before he leaned in…

I don’t understand. I’m confused. I don’t understand anything: not myself, these feelings, the general… And for some peculiar, twisted reason, I am absolutely, unequivocally enjoying every moment of this strange torture.

screenshot0024On another note:
Panaderia: Ensaimada‘s script is about 90% done! I’m so close to finishing the first draft, I’m so excited. This game’s humor gets really weird sometimes and I’m worried the jokes’ll be lost on people, but eh… Hopefully people will still get a few laughs from it.

I’m not looking forward to working on the programming, though, haha.

I’ll post a few comics next time! 🙂 Look forward to it!

Doodle Dump and Word Count

Current Word Count

Magicians of Delphine

The game contains 19,906 dialogue blocks, containing 270,892 words and
1,458,297 characters, for an average of 13.6 words and 73 characters per

Panaderia: Ensaimada

The game contains 1,022 dialogue blocks, containing 15,153 words and 81,247
characters, for an average of 14.8 words and 79 characters per block.

Hahaha, I haven’t worked on Panaderia: Ensaimada since I last updated… ;;; Writing is 50-60% finished, though! Just need to write the endings! I’ll be picking it back up now; I’ve been struck with immense creative writing energy just the other day. Words and scenes are just writing themselves! It’s really scary!

So, for the meantime, I’ll be treating October like NaNoWriMo (which reminds me is next month!). I’ll be taking up the goal of 2,000 words for Ensaimada, and 2,000 words for Magicians of Delphine everyday. I’ll update the wordcount at the end of the month to see how close I get, but if I draw anything, I’ll update!

Anyway, I found a bunch of sketches for Magicians of Delphine on my computer. I don’t remember what the joke was for a few of them, but it amuses me anyway.


Panaderia: Ensaimada Update

Panaderia: Ensaimada‘s coming along just fine! I hoped to finish the gameplay mechanics by this week, but that’s not done yet. I still need to program the clock, get Customer personalities up and running, and get the Inventory finished up.

I did, however, get started with CGs. The game’ll only have 5 CGs at most, so it won’t take long at all. (I’m going to spoil all of you with a CG because I can.) There’ll be a ton of chibi/gag CGs though, but that’s only going to take me 20 minutes to draw each. I don’t know if I’ll be including a gallery for this game, but, eh… We’ll see.


Coco’s sprite is almost done, too. After that, I need to touch up Ensaimada, finish up some customer sprites, and get backgrounds done.

Let’s see… This week’s goals is getting as much of the writing done this week as possible, as well as finishing up the gameplay mechanics. Let’s go!

Revisiting Panaderia: Ensaimada

Had a really busy week the last two weeks. I haven’t had time to work too much on my games. Still, I decided to take up Panaderia: Ensaimada again. I found my script, didn’t think it was horrible as I remembered it to be, and thought, ‘Hey… I could finish this in a month if I worked hard!’

monay_grinI’ve been working on the programming for the last three days. There’s a lot done when it comes to the gameplay mechanics. I just need to finish it up.

  • Up to 3 Customers can enter the shop at a time. (Buttons need to disappear according to who the player clicked.)
  • Working pseudo-textbox for conversations during gameplay.
  • Coco has a working “Assign Work” button.
  • Inventory displays Items. (Needs to fully transition to using Item classes, and have a self-filling grid.)
  • Ingredients’ high grade value increases, decreases, and appears accordingly.
  • Random Event generator also executes functions. (Still needs a function to check validity of events.)

I’d show a screenshot but it’s really basic with default Renpy windows. :’) My goal is to finish the coding aspect in a week. Afterwards, I’ll concentrate on getting the script done.

As for Magicians of Delphine, I’ve finally decided on the art direction I want to go. Other than that, I don’t have any updates on it. I haven’t been drawing much and I haven’t found the time to fix up my Day Planner system since I announced it. orz The game will be daily now, and even if there’s a good number of clicks now, I think it’s a lot more fun this way.


MoD Update: CGs


Hey guys! I haven’t updated in a while. My depression’s been really bad so I haven’t been feeling up to working on my games as much as I should be. Still, there’s a little bit of progress!

Panaderia Ensaimada is about 15k words right now. Unfortunately, I’m not done with the story, even though that’s my projected word count for the game. The new word count estimation is 25-30k words, but I’ll try to cut it down a lot when I finalize everything. All sprites are all done, though, and conceptualization for gameplay is pretty much finalized.

For Magicians of Delphine, I’ve started on working on getting CGs done, as you can see from the image. Rima’s personality has been finalized so hopefully she’ll be much better in the game now. Sitri’s character is halfway done, too. I’ve done a lot of world building in terms of the different countries and the politics as well as plot ideas for Part II, so now it’s just a matter of writing the events down.

Just letting you guys know I haven’t abandoned my games. 🙂

Ensaimada sketches




Main character of Panaderia Ensaimada, Ensaimada!

Late update! Anyway, I’m trucking along with my new bread game! I’ve done a little more writing this week, a good amount of programming, and more art assets. Just one sprite left to do (2-3 poses) and the first draft for the introduction is almost finished! 😀 I’m also working on the game loop so as soon as that’s done, the game is pretty much halfway finished since gameplay takes up >50% of it!

I don’t really want to show anymore screenshots until I get backgrounds and more scenes in the game (or the GUI done, haha). I have a few CGs completed, though, but I’m only going to have 10+ so I’d really like to keep those a secret.

As for Magicians of Delphine, I’m not actively working on it right now. Just getting three or four sprite sketches done a week. /u\ I’m definitely not going to make the March release, ahah…