Untitled Game: Raising Sim


Aside from commissions and Magicians of Delphine, I’ve been spending my free time putting together a raising sim much like the Princess Maker/Prince Maker series. I’ve been programming a working system for fun since I started Magicians of Delphine two years ago; Magicians of Delphine itself borrowed many of the things I programmed from this test game. I’ve only recently decided I should include a plot and try to release it as a game.

For those who don’t know about raising sims like the Princess Maker series, basically the player is in charge of ‘raising’ a character by determining the activities they engage in, all of which affect the character’s stats. The game usually has a time limit in which the player will be able to engage in the activities and therefore manipulate the stats. The way the stats are distributed ultimately determine which of the numerous endings the character and player will receive.

Anyway, Magicians of Delphine is my priority right now in terms of which personal games I’m working on, so I probably won’t be able to work on this too seriously until I finish Magicians of Delphine. Still, I have everything else finished: I’m using the Ren’py DSE engine for event calling and stat handling, I have a calendar system working, an inventory system working, a daily scheduler screen, etc… All I really have to do is add a story, make up a bunch of events, and get artwork done and it’s done.

… Then again, that’s like 90% of the project so it’s still a long ways before completion, haha.


Trying to figure out a default outfit.

I’m really excited for this project though. o|-<