Update & 4koma


Probably not going to be in the game, but I like it anyway.

Remade the battle system AGAIN. ^q^ I’ve gone through so many different kinds of ideas. I’m sticking to this one though; it’s simple but can get pretty hectic. It’s a more competitive form of a simple game everyone knows (guess, guess!) and all I can think of is how super fun it’ll be once I get everything up and running. I’ll try to get the basics done this week so I can have something to show off!

minigameI’ve also been really obsessed with minigames lately. I think it’d be fun to include some simple ones, like Game and Watch stop-animation kind of games with the arrow keys. Catch books with Reziel, copy dance moves with Sitri, maybe a horrific typing game with the prince– things like that! They’re embellishments though, and I should probably finish the writing first. *stares into the distance*

Anyway, things are coming along pretty well right now! I’m in a programming mood so I’ll try to get a lot of work done for this before I forget my code, haha.

Waifu Jam’s Conclusion

Haha, so, I wasn’t able to complete Waifu Jam 2015. The story kept getting longer and longer and I kept changing important things like what the main guy is in the hospital with. His personality is different depending on how sick he is, so he has multiple renditions of the same scene.


The protagonist is a little… Hmm…

I recently heard of this other jam called the Write A Game Challenge, which is a 30-day jam starting on June 1st and ending on June 30th. It’s a contest with focus on game writing, so any writers out there should definitely try participating!

I’m thinking of polishing this game and starting it all over from scratch so I can submit into the WAG Challenge jam. For now, they don’t seem to mind that a game that’s been started for another jam gets entered in this one, as long as the theme they’ll reveal has been adhered to. That might change, but I hope it’ll be allowed!

… As for Magicians of Delphine, I’m still slowly trucking along while working on the other game, writing maybe 200 words a day. x’D I’m stuck!

^q^I’m going to actually sit down and finish all the important events from now on instead of procrastinating on random events. Okay?! Okay! Let’s go! I need cram a lot of work into this one before the game jam next month.

New Game~


Hey everyone! I hope your holidays have been great! ūüôā Let’s hope 2015 is a good year!

Me, I started another game. I couldn’t stop myself. I wanted to wait until NaNoRenO to work on this, but I’ve been itching to do this for three months already, hahaha. o|-<¬†I’m on a strict deadline of one month, so there’s only one character’s route available.



I’ll reveal more information next week, like the characters! Basic synopsis is:
A baker has one month to raise enough money to save his bakery. Despite his poor circumstances, he takes in a dirty¬†hobo¬†a mysterious¬†man, who’s not as useless as he seems.

Genre is Comedy. I also want to make it a nakige¬†but I’ve never written one before so maybe not HAHAHAHA


I’m still working on Magicians of Delphine¬†though, but this time I’m focusing on the writing rather than the art. I’m going to get all the writing for Part I finished this month for proofreading so next month I’ll just work on the art assets. ovob


what’s going on here



Untitled Game: Raising Sim


Aside from commissions and Magicians of Delphine, I’ve been spending my free time putting together a raising sim much like the Princess Maker/Prince Maker series. I’ve been programming a working system for fun since I started Magicians of Delphine two years ago; Magicians of Delphine itself¬†borrowed¬†many of the things I programmed from this test¬†game. I’ve only recently decided I should include a plot and try to release it as a game.

For those who don’t know about raising sims like the Princess Maker series, basically the player is in charge of ‘raising’ a character by determining the activities they engage in, all of which affect the character’s stats. The game usually has a time¬†limit¬†in which the player will be able to engage in the activities and therefore¬†manipulate the stats. The way the stats are¬†distributed ultimately determine which of the numerous¬†endings the character and player will receive.

Anyway, Magicians of Delphine is my priority right now in terms of which personal games I’m working on, so I probably won’t be able to work on this too seriously until I finish Magicians of Delphine. Still, I have everything else finished: I’m using the Ren’py DSE engine for event calling and stat handling, I have a calendar system working, an inventory system working, a daily scheduler screen, etc… All I really have to do is add a story, make up a bunch of events, and get¬†artwork done and it’s done.

… Then again, that’s like 90% of the project so it’s still a long ways before completion, haha.


Trying to figure out a default outfit.

I’m really excited for this project though. o|-<