Magicians of Delphine

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Magicians, though born in the likeness of humans, are likened to the dragons of the world: monstrously powerful in their gift, though extraordinarily few exist. It is only recently that a significant growth in persons of magical ability has been observed, though a majority of the world still disputes their existence.

It is during this time that war erupts between the Kingdom of Delphine and the Principality of Leveaux.

While other countries chose to arm themselves with legions of steel-plated warriors or ingenious weaponry, the King of Delphine– an avid believer of magicians– decides to arm the land with magicians, promising not only fortunes and small miracles to participants of the war but also persecution towards deserters of the kingdom’s call to arms. It is under these circumstances that Aleo, a magician shielded from society, takes her first steps into the world.

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Magicians of Delphine




Magic type: Mix

Main character; can be male or female depending on player’s preference. A prodigy magician capable of all types of magic, Aleo is a blunt, energetic youth raised in the remote wilderness of Delphine’s mountains. As a hermit with only her unfriendly mentor and a pet for company, Aleo is naive and somewhat detached to situations which would normally affect people, such as war, violence, and death. Her frankness and curiosity usually lands her into hot water with other people. Has a bad habit of saying whatever’s on her mind.


General Tiberus Serge

General of the Royal Army of Delphine

Born the fourth in line of famous strategists, Tiberus is the young general of the Royal Army suddenly elevated to his position after the death of his father, the previous general. He is a serious but proper man driven not only to protect the weak, but to help others become strong. Despite his cool and standoffish demeanor, his unrelenting drive to fight for the good of his country and her citizens makes him an inspiration to his soldiers. He never seems to unwind from his uptight nature unless…


 Sho, Fire Magician

Magic Type: Attack

The austere fire magician hailing from the barbarian clan, Sansa. Raised to value pride and strength, Sho possesses unwavering resolve towards his decisions and a steely intolerance for disrespect. He has a forbidding attitude towards members of the Army, but that may be due in part to the decades of animosity boiling between the two societies. Sho is a man driven wholly by his feelings, and despite his image of rigid strength, he possesses a soft spot for the pacifistic ideals of the world.


Yue, Wind Magician

Magic Type: Attack

Yue is a bright and cheerful man that likes to play small pranks and cause a bit of trouble in the Army, particularly for his older brother Faeran. Despite his facade of a mature and graceful adult, Yue possesses the spirit of a child, reacting to people and things with a childlike frankness and possessiveness. Yue has a talent for most things he tries his hands at, and though very skilled, is not very well liked in the Army. He’s a bit of a diva sometimes, but he has a good heart.


 Rima, Water Magician

Magic Type: Defense

Sharing the same name as the Princess of Delphine, Rima, daughter of a famous swordsman, is a woman of quiet strength not unlike her childhood friend Tiberus. Rima is obsessed with helping others, even if they will take advantage of her. She is known in camp for her proper and immaculate image as well as her kindness, but sometimes Aleo gets a glimpse of a more inconsiderate side to her…


 Sitri, Earth Magician

Magic Type: Defense

A mellow dancer hailing from Narra Djiman, sister country to Narra Gruva, an empire allied with Leveaux. A social and fun-loving woman, Sitri spends much of her time dancing to music in the clearing. Her lax, ‘nothing-bothers-me’ nature begets an indomitable security in her identity and her life, yet her lack emotional investment in the things around her is problematic to the people around her.


 Faeran, Holy Magician

Magic Type: Special

The older brother of Yue, Faeran is the soldiers’ protector and friend. Despite previously being a lancer, he takes his newly assigned medical work very seriously and expects others to be the same with their responsibilities. Reliable, friendly, and kind of loud, Faeran is a man you can trust to help you out. Complicated things usually go flying over his head, though he does have a tendency to obsess over things he doesn’t understand. Extremely popular with his medic comrades.


 Ali’sakir, Dark Magician

Magic Type: Special

An exotic mystic hailing from the desert country, Narra Gruva, a nation allied with Delphine’s enemy, Leveaux. Though very flirty by nature, Ali’sakir is a young man that keeps himself and his past deeply shrouded in mystery. Not much about him is trustworthy, given his wanton abuse of his voodoo magic and the honeyed words that flow like a stream from his lips. Only one thing is sure about this man, and it’s that his loyalties lie only to himself.


 Reziel, Conjurer

Magic Type: Mix

Aleo’s mentor and guardian. Reziel prides himself on his quick thinking and ability to process information. Unfortunately, his vast intelligence is tempered by a horrible personality. He’s generally hated, as he is mean-spirited, prideful, and uncooperative around people. Despite all his bad points, Reziel is very loyal towards people he trusts, and, despite his massive intellect, he’s also very weak to baseless flattery.


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2 thoughts on “Magicians of Delphine

  1. I’m so excited for the demo release and obviously, the full game! After playing through the alpha version, I’m honestly in love with the art (even the stick figure town is great). The characters don’t have cookie cutter personalities, I’m interested in all of them, and the pace of the game so far was very light-hearted and comedic. I’m totally into the tsundere-type too so Sho was the way to go. (; Excited for battling and some more dark magic. I ALSO LOVE THE PROTAGONIST. Can’t wait for Aleo’s character development. Again, amazing work! Bonus points for being a team of one and you’ll definitely have me looking forward to this full release and any future work you’ll have.

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